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The Charcuterie Cones

The Charcuterie Cones

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Is anything cuter than our Charcuterie Cones?!

They're perfect for those wanting individual, bite sized charcuterie! No need to share the same charcuterie plate - you can have your own!


Minimum Order is 6. If less than 6 are ordered, you will be immediately refunded.


Cone Holder: If you would like your Charcuterie Cones to come displayed in a cute + functional cone stand for your event (YOU DO), we have that option to rent! We highly recommend renting one to display them.  

Each stand holds 20 cones.

Click here: Charcuterie Cone Holder

You will pay a $30 deposit per stand rented, which will be reimbursed upon it's return to us in downtown MKE. Must be returned within 5 days to receive your deposit back


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